Alone Morgan, by Ten He Means Necessary

The greatest pain in this life is to be at once dreadfully alone, and suffocating in an insurmountable and inexplainable procession of lies and illusion. There's nowhere to go, no one to consult, nothing to console. Have you ever felt that way? Has the feeling of pitch black ever come to you like drowning? In short time I'm reminded of how bitterly polluted every moment of this life will be It is a reminder of the confusion I will live in, and more than that. a source of unrelenting rage and vitality. When you remember to look at at least, you can know walk without fear and without judgement. When you take a brief moment to remember how absolutely mediocre the expectations laid out before you are, how pitiful the standards for happiness, care, or freedom are in the world today, a bit of this weight will be lifted. Long enough for you to forget however briefly, that the others stand to abuse the world. When it occurs to you to remember that you will never escape this debilitating, crushing weight, except of your own. volition, through direct and concentrated work, you won't go a day in your life where you forget to burn with the fierceness of a thousand suns. The burning rage will come so effortlessly and pour out from you so virulently that you will be as a living and breathing monument to the realm of light and dark. The pitch black will show through in your eyes, and you alone will know you are responsible for what will come
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