There's a lot of things we learn about ourselves through experience.

It's not like we need to go deliberately seeking out that information somewhere, which is surprising to me.  It's in us, but it's dormant, and it requires us to be in particular situations and to be introspective for it to come to surface.  You'd think that knowledge of ourselves would just be there, but it's not always.

The right mindset plays an important role in how our subconscious develops, and so we must always be mindful of our growth.  We cultivate our subconscious mind by paying attention to our wants and needs, our dreams, and how we imagine the world we want to live in.  Mindfulness is a commitment and a faith in our future, in spite of the kafkaesque life we lead, or our inevitable shortcomings.  The mindset we have each day can certainly have effects that far outreach the day or our immediate circumstances.

The contents of our subconscious develops over many months and years, twisting and turning throughout our experiences in life.  Something important might happen to us, but it can still take lots of time to understand it; it needs time to develop, and we need time to reflect so that we can draw meaningful conclusions from it.  Each time we reflect on something we might notice something new, and it often comes completely by surprise.  When we gaze into the abyss, we know that it must gaze back.

Good experiences reassure us for the future, strengthening us and rewarding us with the fruits of our labor.  Trauma doesn't leave us easily, either.  It molds and morphs us, transforming into peculiar habits and attitudes.  Sometimes we may be able to regulate our habits, but really we can always be mindful of the exchange of energy in the process.  In our strife, there is a crystallization of spirit, and in this I know there is always a miraculous beauty.

And the fantasy of spirit is pervasive in life, never leaving us stranded, should we indulge it.  There is always a heroism that is calling to us, urging for our spirit to be free.  It comes to us in our dreams, a spectacle of our imagination and passions, furloughed into the space of the infinite, and it carries into our waking hour and breathing moment as a life blood in search of a substrate.

Difficult times do breed strong people.  Along the way we may be transformed into something unrecognizable, but perhaps we can find peace in knowing this is part of the process.  We can always learn from the experiences in our life, and we should always do our best to follow a noble path and help others along the fateful paths of their own.

We may know who we are, yet we know not who we may be.

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