A Requiem for Eternity

What was the source of this PhantomPower?  ⚡️

His words were crisper

His stride was heartier

His timeliness was palpable

His cock felt larger

and his game was heaviest...

Did you ever notice some things are... dangling into this world from the shores of eternity?  Hmm, I suppose you'd know it if you saw it.  Many folks hid away from matters of mysticism, his breathing lamentation.

Some people believed the PhantomPower was an ancient inclusion in the Vespene geysers on some planets, perhaps a source of energy buried deep beneath the surface.

What was the catalyst?  Why always him?  They wouldn't say it to his face; maybe the PhantomPower precluded them from ever mentioning it.

The icy-hot chills on their napes were a reminder that PhantomPower was rising along the mistline.  ❄️

Is it BlackOut?