A.I. Ethics

Key things to consider in incorporating A.I. into society.

  • How is A.I. used to collect and alter public mindshare? To what extent is this good and helpful? Browsing data, biometrics, and eye-tracking are examples of ways this may be used.

  • How do we ensure that intersubjective truths are built into A.I. ethical models? Humanity is, by and large, "unsaid", and in this way language fills a gap between intent and understanding.

  • Is it responsible to "get creative" with A.I. ethics? To what extent are post-modern truths helpful or necessary, and how do we ensure that data about behavior (both human-based data, and compounded A.I. data) and neuro/physiological response are used peacefully and ethically.

  • Are post-modern truths already dramatically affecting our lives? Are they the cause, or the symptom?

Think partnership above all. All entities must be aligned in their goals towards safe and effective A.I.